Glass. Steel. Concrete.
Architecture is my life.

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photograhy by: ilitchpeters 
instagram: ilitchpeters

Riverpark Towers, The Bronx 2014

Twin Towers 1988
By Palle Blak Bedersen
Foshay by minnepixel on Flickr.
Water towers and rooftops. Chelsea/Flatiron, NYC by minnepixel on Flickr.
View atop the World Trade Center,NYC 1980 by Javier Agredo on Flickr.
Digging through my old New York photos I found a bunch of the new World Trade Center construction via the summer of 2011. by minnepixel on Flickr.
WTC at dusk by apardavila on Flickr.
Accentuating an architectural masterpiece in NYC by Adam’s Street Photography on Flickr.


1960’s Ariel Photographs of New York | Via


The Architecture of  Kowloon Walled City, Hong Kong

In light of the release of a second, revised edition of City of Darkness – the authoritative text on Kowloon Walled City– authors Greg Girard and Ian Lambot have shared an excerpt from City of Darkness Revisited

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Riverside by wahine_87 on Flickr.