Glass. Steel. Concrete.
Architecture is my life.

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Golden time. Shot from rooftop in Greenpoint.

Goldman Sachs, Financial District, NYC

Night #4, 2005 — Michael Wolf
Mid-Town and Central Park (HDR Edit) by w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines) on Flickr.
new york | around central park by arcibald on Flickr.
ONE57-Grand-Salon by nekal3000 on Flickr.
Westin Reflections by _rudeboy_ on Flickr.
Joe Fresh 43rd and Fifth by _rudeboy_ on Flickr.
untitled by onesevenone on Flickr.
Upper East Side by jonathanflash85 on Flickr.
Près de New York Harbor by dirtykoala on Flickr.