Glass. Steel. Concrete.
For the love of architecture.

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444 by Doubletee on Flickr.
Holiday Inn on Van Ness Ave. SAN FRANCISCO by swampzoid on Flickr.
window washers by mindfuldocumentation on Flickr.
Architecture / San Francisco by swampzoid on Flickr.
San Francisco Brick by Bidwell, Coby on Flickr.
Two Pedestrians, Powell Street, San Francisco by mat231 on Flickr.
open window  - ( Explore ) by Demetrios Lyras on Flickr.
up by barbera* on Flickr.
San Francisco From The Plane by Cameron Booth on Flickr.
Look at all those windows, Downtown San Francisco, California by cocoi_m on Flickr.
untitled by mav_at on Flickr.
San Francisco windows by chrisjohnbeckett on Flickr.
SUN SHINES ON SAN FRANCISCO by Burlingamebarley on Flickr.
#window with a view by Dan Hogman on Flickr.
Victorian Architecture, San Francisco by Jill Clardy on Flickr.